Jan 19, 2009

State Rep. Don Vaughan's Better Half and Former Council Member Speaks Out

The Greensboro News and Record had another Letter to the Editor for January 19, 2009 which was done by Nancy Vaughan, CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

Nancy Vaughan is a former Greensboro City Council member and is married to North Carolina State Representative who was just elected to Kay Hagan's North Carolina House Senate seat Don Vaughan.Here is a quote from the Letter to the Editor, "The protest petition will not eliminate controversial rezonings. But, the mere existence of the protest petition will motivate the rezoning applicant to engage in meaningful dialogue and to put forth the highest-quality proposal. It will result in improved development and development that is in greater harmony with the surrounding area. This will be especially important as we see more infill development."

It is great to hear former council members endorse restoring Protest Petitions to Greensboro especially when her husband might be a sponsor of a bill to do just that in the North Carolina General Assembly.

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