Jan 14, 2009

"Lawmakers May Say Yes Even If Council Says No" Post from Allen Johnson at Greensboro News and Record

Greensboro News and Record Editorial Page Editor Allen Johnson has a new post titled

"Lawmakers May Say Yes Even If Council Says No"

on his blog called "Thinking Out Loud" CLICKHERE , or click on the title above

as stated before in a post yesterday North Carolina State Representative Maggie Jeffus was in attendence at the luncheon with the professor from UNC School of Government David Owens speaking about Protest Petitions in the State of North Carolina.

Allen Johnson writes this in his post
"When asked if the county legislative delegation would move forward with a bill to re-establish the right to use protest petitions to Greensboro -- even if the council opposed it -- Jeffus said: "I think probably we will. I'm almost certain a bill will be filed."
Jeffus added: "You pick your battles and I think this is something people want."

This is great to hear from our State Representative Maggis Jeffus. You can also add State Rep. Pricey Harrison who said she will introduce a bill with or without the support of the Greensboro City Council.

Let's see where the Greensboro City Council stands on this issue are they going to be for the citizens to get this restored or are they going to be for the special interest group called TREBIC. Take your pick but as we heard yesterday Mayor Yvonne Johnson is again running for mayor of Greensboro and today Amanda Lahmert stated that Zack Matheny is also going to run again. It will be a interesting night to say the least.

The reinstatement of Protest Petitions has to come from the state delegation and if you as citizens of Greensboro want this right restored to you it is beneficial that you e-mail your state representatives which are located on the left hand side of blog.

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