Jan 22, 2009

Greensboro Neighborhood Congress Thanks Everyone Who Helped on Restoring This Right To Greensboro Citizens

Council voted Unanimously to restore the Protest Petition to the citizens of Greensboro.

I hope each of you will express your gratitude to every Council Member and most especially to Goldie Wells for this victory. The vote was unanimous, but Goldie stuck by her guns through all of the equivocal discussion, expressing time and again her passionate support of returning this state right to our citizens. THANK YOU GOLDIE.

We have a long list of others to thank as well:

Thanks to many of you who sent emails and made phone callls to Council and who joined us last night and stayed late into the evening to support our request to Council to restore the right of Protest Petition to our City. Your support was invaluable! This could not have happened without your efforts.

Thanks to the team that presented along with me, including Congress members: Art Davis, Kathleen Sullivan, Susan Taaffe, and David Wharton plus Willie Taylor of the League of Women Voters and Colin Kelly of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens (not to be confused with the NE Concerned Citizens) and Sharon Hightower of College Forest - soon to be a Congress member.

Thanks to Keith Brown of High Point who has been perhaps the strongest advocate of returning the protest petition to Greensboro since day one. Keith relinquished his opportunity to speak to Council because he was concerned it might hurt our case since he is considered by some to be an outsider. However, he had previously talked to each Council member and our state representatives many times over, pushing them to return the right to us.

Thanks to the Congress Issues Committee who crafted the Congress position on the Protest Petition and offered wise Council to the speaker's team.

Please note that in addition to voting to approve the Petition, Council voted to send a suggested change to the state relative to the components of the Protest Petition for Greensboro. As you know, we have concerns about the low threshold for the Petition to be initiated and that was the primary hurdle for the Council as well. So, I will be asking the Ex. Comm. and the Issues Comm. to consider our negotiating parameters for working with TREBIC on a proposal to Council on this matter............

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