Apr 30, 2009

Greensboro City Council Agenda for May 5th Add Protest Petition To The Agenda Round #2

The Greensboro City Council has plenty on the agenda for May 5th and Amanda Lehmert from the Greensboro News & Record reports tonight that the Lindley Park Neighborhood has filed a Protest Petition on a zoning case at the corner of Spring Garden Street and Elam Avenue, CLICKHERE . To see this zoning case click on the title above or CLICKHERE then proceed to May 5, 2009. Below is what is on the agenda with Items #11 and #12.

11. Resolution authorizing amendment to future land use map of the Lindley Park
Neighborhood Plan. (roll call vote) (Attachment #11 (CP-09-01) to Council

12. Ordinance rezoning from CD-RM-26 (Conditional District-Residential-
Multifamily) and RM-18 (Residential-Multifamily) to CD-PDI (Conditional
District-Planning Unit Development Infill) for property located at the northwest
corner of Spring Garden Street and South Elam Avenue. (roll call vote)
(Attachment #12 (PL(Z)09-08) to Council members)

This will be the second time that Protest Petitions has been used since it was brought back to the City of Greensboro in over 37 years. The first case was withdrawn by the developer, CLICKHERE for that post. At the end of the post it was noted that Lindley Park Neighborhood Association was none too happy with the zoning case off of Spring Garden Street.

Apr 21, 2009

Protest Petition Was Used and Developer Has Withdrew The Case

At the Greensboro City Council meeting on April 21, 2009 the first Protest Petition case was in front of the council for the first time in over 37 years.Here is the case;

10. Ordinance rezoning from RS-12 (Residential Single-Family to CD-RM-12
(Conditional District-Residential Multifamily) for uses limited to 56 multifamily units
for property located on 911, 913 and 917 Pilgrims Church Road and 911 Near
Pilgrims Church Road. (roll call vote) (Attachment #10 (PL(Z) 09-06) to Council

Hold your horses because the developer has withdrawn the case.

To give you a little history of this case it was denied from the zoning commission on a 9-0 vote with also a denial from the planning department. Adding these two denials and also the presentation was weak it was a surprise to see them actually bring this up in front of the Greensboro City Council. Then the surrounding property owners filed their Protest Petitions last week. This case really didn't need to use a Protest Petition because it should have never gotten in front of council at all. But to see it used for the first time was great to see.

The one zoning case that will probably take on a higher caliber will be the case off of Spring Garden Strteet and Elam Avenue . The Lindley Park Neighborhood Association is none too happy with this development and probably will use the Protest Petition against this case that will be in front of council in future. Will keep you informed on anymore cases that use Protest Petitions in the process.

You can also read the story at the Greensboro News & Record CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

Apr 16, 2009

City's First Protest Petition Filed Since 1971 Ban by Amanda Lehmert N&R

Amanda Lehmert from the Greensboro News & Record is reporting today that the first Protest Petition and definitely won't be the last has been filed with the Greensboro Planning Department. Planning Director Dick Hails hinted about this at the zoning commission meeting this past monday. If you want to see the article CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

While seeing the zoning cases online from monday , you might just see a protest petition used on this case as well.We will see if the Lindley Park Neighborhood wants to file a Protest Petition. Below is the case;

Z-09-04-003 Northwest corner of Spring Garden Street and South Elam Avenue - An
ordinance rezoning from CD-RM-26 (Conditional District-Residential-Multi Family)
and RM-18 (Residential-Multi Family) to CD-PDI (Conditional District-Planned Unit
Development-Infill) with the following conditions:
1) The maximum height of buildings shall be 3 above ground stories
2) The maximum number of multi-family units shall be 44
3) The maximum amount of non-residential space shall not exceed 10,800
square feet
- for a portion of the property located at the northwest corner of
Spring Garden Street and south Elam Avenue (1.82 Acres)
- for Derek Allen (Sheet 22)

If you want to see the video of the zoning commission CLICKHERE

Apr 7, 2009

Sedalia Knows, High Point Knows and Greensboro Who Wants To Be The First

There was two post today in the Greensboro News & Record in regards to zoning cases in Sedalia and High Point North Carolina and both had a common cause, PROTEST PETITION.

Rezoning for Sedalia Thrift Store still unresolved CLICKHERE

Here is a segment on the article

"After an hourlong public hearing on rezoning a portion of a 5.79 acre-tract to accommodate a thrift shop and the presentation of a petition signed by surrounding property owners, the Sedalia Town Council voted 3-2 in favor of the rezoning.
However, because a petition has been presented to stop the rezoning, pending its validation, the rezoning request would have to pass with a vote of 4-1. If it is found that the petition is not valid, the zoning request can pass with a simple majority."

POST # 2
High Point says no to expanding apartment complex CLICKHERE

Here is a segment of article

Residents from nearby subdivisions, made up mostly of single-family homes, twin homes and town homes, said a three-story apartment building would not fit in with the surrounding neighborhood and would decrease the value of their properties, long-term investments they defended with protest petitions, pictures of the neighborhood and testimony from residents and one property manager.

Protest Petitions were front and center on these 2 cases and it is great to see neighborhoods all over the triad area use this state law . Now it will be interesting to see how the Greensboro City Council will take to this state law. It might be tough being the first one to use it, if the council wants to make a statement with their reluctance for this law to begin with, we will see what happens in the future.