Jan 26, 2009

City of Greensboro Memo Then Sends Out a Clarification

Right to protest petition could be reinstated.

Greensboro residents' exemption from the right to file protest petitions over rezoning issues has caused much debate in our community. At its meeting on Wednesday, January 21, City Council discussed the issue in depth and agreed to consider adding that issue to the legislative agenda.

The protest petition provides that five percent of property owners in an area can protest a rezoning on nearby property. When that occurs, a supermajority of Council must vote in favor of the rezoning if it is to occur. Greensboro was exempted from the law in 1971.

The protest petition, which is granted under state law, says if five percent of property owners in an area sign a rezoning petition, a supermajority of Council must say yes to approve it. Greensboro was exempted from the law in 1971.

To get the ball rolling on restoring the petition, Council requested that the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress and real estate industry representatives develop a compromise version of the petition for consideration in February. If Council approves that version, it will be sent to the state legislature as part of the City's legislative agenda.

At its meeting,

Council also:

Voted to delay a decision on a proposed five-story, $3.6 million building at 324 S. Elm St. until its February 3 meeting. The project, which is proposed by LindBrook Development Services, met strong opposition from other downtown businesses because the developer wants to lease part of a City parking lot for outdoor dining. Current business owners say they can't afford to lose any parking. Council will hold a special meeting on the issue on Tuesday, January 27, at 5 pm (see "Did You Know" on right for more details).

Voted to continue a rezoning request for a new self-storage facility on Fleming Road . Residents in that area oppose the request because it would place the facility in the middle of a single-family home neighborhood. Council directed the developer to meet with residents to resolve issues before a decision is made on the matter.
To view the entire meeting or past meetings, visit City Council's video archive page.


Clarification of "City Council Action Wrap-Up" on Protest Petition Issue

At Wednesday night's City Council meeting, the Council voted to ask the State Legislature to reinstate the protest petition for residents of Greensboro . Separately, Council asked the Neighborhood Congress, the League of Women Voters, and TREBIC to try to reach an agreement on changes that could make both sides comfortable with the legislation, specifically in the percentage of nearby property owners required to trigger the supermajority vote. If that agreement is reached by February 3, it will be submitted as a local bill along with the request to reinstate the protest petition in Greensboro .

What part of State Law does the City of Greensboro not understand. The Guilford delegation should thank the City of Greensboro for trying to come up with their own TREBIC lead compromise see through the charade and make them comply with the rest of the state. We will see where this process goes from here but any delay will deny the citizens of Greensboro the right to use Protest Petitions in the zoning process. As you can see from the first headline on City of Greensboro connections page it says "Right to Protest Petiton could be reinstated" with the emphasis could be in title. Stay tune and we will see what the State Representatives have to say on this issue.


Joe Wilson said...

Neighborhood Congress, the League of Women Voters, and TREBIC... The City Council believes that this trio will act in the best interest of the citizens of Greensboro.

That will save a ton of money spent on elections we should just let these groups get together and run the city as they see fit.

I for one have finally seen enough of these clowns we elected and I am ready for a REAL change.This is a classic example of doing nothing to get re-elected. Join me in cleaning house in November 2009 YES WE CAN !!!

triadwatch said...

it is going to be called "DUMP THE DEVELOPER PARTY"

Roch101 said...

What's a "local bill?"

triadwatch said...

the state can create new law and destroy old law and local municipalities are governed by state statutes. Just like what happened back in 1971 they got the state legislators to sneak in this exemption for greensboro which was considered a local bill.

Well now they want the state to grant them a local bill with their own trebic cartel version of protest petition just for greensboro because as we heard last year from you know who greensboro is different.

I still don't see how they can do this and not comply with state law. But hey I am not a lawyer. We will seee if this flies with the state legislators but am sure TREBIC has something up their sleeve to deny you the right to a protest petition.