Jan 24, 2009

Lead Editorial Greensboro N&R "Filling In The Blanks" on City Council's Staged Compromise

Lead editorial in the Greensboro News and Record today Sunday January 25, 2009 with the headline "Filling In The Blanks", CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

Here is a few quotes from the lead editorial

"At least give the backers of protest petitions credit for finally budging the council on this issue. But they could have accomplished even more if they had stuck to their guns, called the council's bluff and forced a yes or no vote with no asterisks attached

The bad news is that the council's vote lacked clarity and is missing the most critical aspects of the law: exactly what it will say.

Sometimes a simple question deserves a simple answer. Either you are for the protest petition or you are against it. The council skirted making a clear-cut call and settled for indecision over leadership.
And ambiguity over clarity.


What part of state law does the Greensboro City notunderstand. I hope the Guilford delegation at the state level will see through this charade and pass a bill to make them comply with NCGS 160a385 and 386 then let the TREBIC CARTEL lobby the whole state to change the law .

This special compromise is a joke and needs to be called out. It is amazing to see that they don't like the bill and want it changed even though in the past 37 years they have never even had protest petitions and haven't even tried it in the zoning process. How can you as a council make the decision that the threshold is too low when you have never even done it in over 37 years.

Amazing and to think that Donna Newton and Marlene Sanford are experts in zoning laws and processes to come up with their so called compromise. The whole thing sounds fishy and am sure they want to delay the whole process before it goes to the state level.

It is my opinion that the Greensboro City Council muddied the waters with this so called compromise so that they want they state legislators to delay this bill to make Greensboro comply with STATE LAW. If they can delay this bill long enough then it will never makes it's way through the process and look who doesn't have Protest Petitions in Greensboro because it was sent in too late, you the citizens of Greensboro

The Greensboro City Council can now say that they are for restoring protest petitions to Greensboro but let's see how the state level reacts to this last minute compromise. It would have been political suicide to deny this right to the citizens but they were appeasing the TREBIC CARTEL with this so called compromise .

If you want your voice heard you can e-mail your state representatives and let them know you want what every other citizen who lives in a municipality has , which is North Carolina General Statute 160a-385 and 386, no delay . Below are the new e-mails for the Guilford delegation at the state level .

Alma Adams House District 58 Alma.Adams@ncleg.net
John Blust House District 62 John.Blust@ncleg.net
Pricey Harrison House District 57 Pricey.Harrison@ncleg.net
Maggie Jeffus House District 59 Maggie.Jeffus@ncleg.net
Earl Jones House District 60 Earl.Jones@ncleg.net
Laura Wiley House District 61 Laura.Wiley@ncleg.net


Phil Berger District 26 philbe@ncleg.net
Stan Bingham District 33 stanb@ncleg.net
Katie Dorsett District 28 Katied@ncleg.net
Don Vaughan District 27 Don.Vaughan@ncleg.net


Tony Wilkins said...

Keith, how odd the council would put such a task in the hands of Donna and Marlene who, in the end, should have absolutely nothing to do with the outcome.
It did, however, keep "Cat Scratch Fever" from playing on the loud speaker.

triadwatch said...

I was trying to figure that out myself because I have been on board since day 1 and the greensboro city council thought this was going to go away , NOT.

We will see what happens next but it stinks to high heaven to me.

This compromise should not even make it to the table much less a bill.

We will see what happens next .