Mar 30, 2009

Protest Petition Party Thursday 7:15 at Natty Greene's Second Floor

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens of the Triad want to invite anyone who had any part in bringing back Protest Petitions to the Citizens of Greensboro to a informal gathering. Above you will see that we are going to get together at Natty Greene's in downtown Greensboro at 7:15 pm on second floor.
It will be great to see everyone who was a part of this process and also to send out a invitation to all in the local blogging community because I think having this blog on Protest Petitions for Greensboro really made a great difference in the process. Come to Natty Greene's and enjoy the night.


Guess Who said...

I'd like to protest the protesters at the Protest Petitioner's Protest party for not providing a smoke free protest party.
Have a great time Keith and congrats on your accomplishment.

triadwatch said...

I got your protest, we will personally have our own get together, and thank you for being there from the beginning and wondering who the hell is this Keith Brown?

Anonymous said...

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