Apr 7, 2009

Sedalia Knows, High Point Knows and Greensboro Who Wants To Be The First

There was two post today in the Greensboro News & Record in regards to zoning cases in Sedalia and High Point North Carolina and both had a common cause, PROTEST PETITION.

Rezoning for Sedalia Thrift Store still unresolved CLICKHERE

Here is a segment on the article

"After an hourlong public hearing on rezoning a portion of a 5.79 acre-tract to accommodate a thrift shop and the presentation of a petition signed by surrounding property owners, the Sedalia Town Council voted 3-2 in favor of the rezoning.
However, because a petition has been presented to stop the rezoning, pending its validation, the rezoning request would have to pass with a vote of 4-1. If it is found that the petition is not valid, the zoning request can pass with a simple majority."

POST # 2
High Point says no to expanding apartment complex CLICKHERE

Here is a segment of article

Residents from nearby subdivisions, made up mostly of single-family homes, twin homes and town homes, said a three-story apartment building would not fit in with the surrounding neighborhood and would decrease the value of their properties, long-term investments they defended with protest petitions, pictures of the neighborhood and testimony from residents and one property manager.

Protest Petitions were front and center on these 2 cases and it is great to see neighborhoods all over the triad area use this state law . Now it will be interesting to see how the Greensboro City Council will take to this state law. It might be tough being the first one to use it, if the council wants to make a statement with their reluctance for this law to begin with, we will see what happens in the future.

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Abigail said...

You should pass this protest petition around to the moms in the community. They are sure to participate.

A moms network I can recommend is the bizymoms Yonkers community.