Mar 12, 2009

Northwest Observer on Protest Petitions in Oak Ridge & Summerfield & Stokesdale

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The Northwest Observer which is a weekly newspaper concentrating in the northwest part of Guilford County has a article about the use of Protest Petitions in other cities like Oak Ridge, Summerfield and Stokesdale, click on the title above or CLICKHERE.

This article came about because there was so much talk about the restoration of Protest Petitions to the citizens of Greensboro.

If you have friends or relatives or vacation homes in this state and your conversation talks about some rezoning case coming up in their established neighborhood , remember that you can use protest petitions in every city or municipality in this whole state even if there is not a formal process from the local council it is STATE LAW.

This blog will still be there for anyone who wants to understand the process of Protest Petition and to be there when some of these neighborhoods all over Greensboro exercise their right to Protest Petitions in the zoning process.

One mention is that I wouldn't want to be the first one who uses Protest Petitions in Greensboro because I am sure they are going to want to make a statement that even though this is on the books we can still pass the zoning case 9-0 , we will see.

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