Mar 23, 2009

Good News Protest Petition is Now Online for the Citizens of Greensboro

Press Release from the City of Greensboro on Protest Petition for Greensboro below. Also if you want to see the form click on the title above or CLICKHERE

Contact: Rawls Howard
Phone: 373-2748

Right to Protest Petition Granted Back to Greensboro Citizens

GREENSBORO, NC -- (March 23, 2009) – The right to protest petition has been granted back to citizens of Greensboro. The North Carolina General Assembly ratified a bill on March 5 that removed Greensboro's exemption from the protest petition requirements found in North Carolina General Statute 160A-385.
Previously, the City of Greensboro had special legislation in place that exempted it from the State’s protest petition requirements. With the removal of this exemption, Greensboro City Council must now follow special voting procedures when addressing rezoning matters where a valid protest petition has been submitted. Specifically, if a valid petition has been submitted in accordance with the standards set forth under State law, any action taken by Council on a rezoning item can only pass by a super-majority vote. In the case of a full, nine-member voting Council, seven votes would be required to take action or pass an item.
State law sets out procedures that must be followed and standards that must be met in order for a protest petition to be considered valid. For more information about the requirements and procedures for submitting protest petitions, call the City's Planning Department at 373-2144. Also, learn more about the protest petition online at

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