Feb 4, 2009

No Compromise Needed Bill To Restore Protest Petition Has Been Filed

It is with great pleasure and a HAT TIP to Ed Cone that tonight we learn that there is a bill which can be seen by clicking on the title above to see that our Guilford Delegation is in the process of restoring Protest Petitions to Greensboro.In the N.C House it was sponsored by Harrison, Jeffus, Adams and Wiley with a co sponsor in Blust House Bill #64 filed on 2-4-2009.

Then on the Senate side we have Dorsett and Vaughan who have senate bill #67 filed on 2-4-2009.

We will try to keep you informed on how this bill works it's way through the system but it is great to see it come to fruition.

Take a bow to everyone who has helped on this issue for the citizens of Greensboro. A lot of people wanted to know my motives on why someone from High Point is fighting for the citizens of Greensboro. This basic right under STATE LAW was taken away from you the citizens of Greensboro for no reason whatsoever purely political, and it needed to be brought to the proper attention. Now we have a bill to give the citizens of Greensboro the same rights as every other person in this state has. It will be a new day in the zoning process in Greensboro.


Tony Wilkins said...

Keith, if GNC and Trebic are playing nicely by the campfire and singing Kumbaya let's not tell them any different.

triadwatch said...

tony, that is funny. and it looks like someone else is going to bring the pot