Feb 14, 2009

Editorial in Greensboro News and Record , "A Vote of Confidence"

The Greensboro News and Record lead editorial today February 14, 2009 with the title "A Vote of Confidence" CLICKHERE or click on the title above.

Here are a few quotes from the editorial

As it stands now, Greensboro is the only city in the state that does not permit protest petitions. For reasons that are unclear, the city was granted an exemption in 1971

But those negotiations seemed pointless from the start. The existing statute is fine as written and does not need improving. More significantly, a local protest petition bill, without modifications, and without the council’s blessing, was almost certain to be passed anyway.

In particular, developers contend that the 5 percent threshold is too low and that the supermajority vote requirement is too high. They protest too much.

And they fail to present even one thread of evidence to support those notions.

The City Council ought to take the congress’ vote in good faith, endorse the bill as it stands and let the lawmakers do their thing.

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