Feb 18, 2009

Bill Travels and Greensboro City Council Again Approves Protest Petition

There was plenty of action today and plenty of post on Protest Petition for Greensboro. Here are a few links to what has happened today. First of all the House Bill #64 has been brought out of local committee and now is on it's way to Judiciary 1 committee, that is great news and you can see the progress by clicking on the top left corner of blog.

Also last night the Greensboro City Council approved again the legislative agenda and 9-0 for Protest Petitions for Greensboro. Here is what happened last night courtesy of Amanda Lehmert at Greensboro News and Record CLICKHERE

Then Allen Johnson from the Greensboro News and Record had this to say CLICKHERE with a title "Protest Petition Polka".

Then Ed Cone also has a post CLICKHERE with a title "Late To The Party".

Then late in day Mark Binker has this post CLICKHERE with a title "Committee Passes Protest Petition Bill".

That is great news to hear that this bill is on the fast track to becoming law for the citizens of Greensboro.We will keep you posted on when it goes to the senate side as well. It is now headed to the Judiciary 1 committee where the sponsor of the bill is on this committee in State Representative Pricey Harrison, who has been a real champion on bringing this right back to the citizens of Greensboro.If you want to send her a e-mail and thank her for sponsoring this bill please let her know . She can be reached by clicking on her name on the left hand side of blog.

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