Feb 8, 2009

Greensboro Neighborhood Congress No Need for a Compromise

Last week brought a lot of clarity to the process of restoring Protest Petitions to Greensboro.

On January 21, 2009 the Greensboro City Council completely convoluted the whole process by trying to get the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress and the special interest group called TREBIC which is the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition to come to some compromise on STATE LAW.

What part of STATE Law does the Greensboro City Council not understand. 5% rule is a STATE Law and to hear Robbie "Pave It "Perkins whine and complain about the 5% rule along with fellow developer on council Sandra Anderson Groat complain also really showed their true colors. They are not for you as a citizen of Greensboro to have the same rights as every other person in this state they want to keep their TREBIC BLINDERS ON and deny you this right.

Now we find out that this past week that our State Representatives have filed a bill in both the House and Senate to restore Protest Petition to the citizens of Greensboro.You can follow the bill online by going to the top left corner of this blog.

It would be beneficial for the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress to say to TREBIC thanks but no thanks a bill is introduced and on it's way for passage, no compromise needed.

Allen Johnson from the Greensboro News and Record had another great article in today's Ideas section for February 8, 2009 CLICKHERE with the title "Local lawmakers cut through haze on protest petitions".

Here is a few quotes from this article

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Bearing that in mind, state lawmakers have decided not to wait for the Greensboro City Council to hem, haw, ruminate, speechify and attach wholly unnecessary asterisks and conditions to the question of protest petitions.
As they say in the over-priced sneaker business, just do it.

So, Guilford County legislators have moved ahead on their own and filed bills in the state House and Senate that would restore to Greensboro residents a right every other city in the state already has.

Good for them. The lawmakers have simplified a process that the council was making unduly convoluted and drawn-out.

Then later in the article Robbie " Pave It " Perkins had this to say

"Councilman Robbie Perkins on Thursday called the bill "The Lawyer Relief Act of 2009" and said it would hurt small developers and infill projects by making the development process more expensive."

Robbie 'Pave It "Perkins might want to rename it again to "The Isaacson Allen Relief Act of 2009", since those are practically the only 2 lawyers who do zoning cases in Greensboro.

You wonder why their should be a "DUMP THE DEVELOPER PARTY" on Greensboro City Council come fall because you have city council members like this who have their TREBIC BLINDERS ON and cannot see the big picture on a right that was taken away for no reason whatsoever from the citizens of Greensboro.This restoration of Protest Petitions to Greensboro should have been a no brainer but you can see that there is a certain special interest group called the TREBIC CARTEL who want to deny you this right.

There is still the process at the state level that barring some unforseen circumstance will work it's way through the process and give back this right to the citizens of Greensboro without all this confusion of a compromise.

It is time to let TREBIC and all it's minions play with themselves in the tree alone and looking stupid along the way.


Anonymous said...

I watched with my mouth open at the stupidity being exhibited at that meeting. Of course that seems the natural state of my facial anatomy while watching Council meetings. Good thing my house is bug free!

I really wasn't sure whether the Council members were that stupid or if again they just thought the public was that stupid. Notice Trudy Wade didn't say anything, and she did seem to be trying to appear invisible. I too would try to appear invisible if I were a member of that Council at times too. Dear Lord People!

So happy the State Representatives just went ahead without the Greensboro City Council's approval.

triadwatch said...

yes brenda it was great to see a bill being introduced. After all is said and done there will be a analysis on all of this and it won't look good for the current Greensboro City Council on this issue. They have known about this issue for well over a year and only a day before the Jan 21st meeting they want to have this staged compromise, please give me a break.

It is great to see the state take the lead on this total injustice to the citizens of Greensboro

Tony Wilkins said...

It made for good teevee without commercials.
Speaking of that, the city is wasting good money by not having tv timeouts with paid commercials during council meetings. Two minutes every half hour...four hour council meeting including four 30 second spots at the beginning and end...$200 per spot would net them $7200 per meeting.
Or if you didn't want to interrupt the meeting just cram 20 spots into (2) 10 minute pee breaks and you could net $8000 per meeting. I like that idea better because I don't know who would tell TDBS to shut up long enough for a tv timeout.

I LOVE YOU said...