Apr 30, 2009

Greensboro City Council Agenda for May 5th Add Protest Petition To The Agenda Round #2

The Greensboro City Council has plenty on the agenda for May 5th and Amanda Lehmert from the Greensboro News & Record reports tonight that the Lindley Park Neighborhood has filed a Protest Petition on a zoning case at the corner of Spring Garden Street and Elam Avenue, CLICKHERE . To see this zoning case click on the title above or CLICKHERE then proceed to May 5, 2009. Below is what is on the agenda with Items #11 and #12.

11. Resolution authorizing amendment to future land use map of the Lindley Park
Neighborhood Plan. (roll call vote) (Attachment #11 (CP-09-01) to Council

12. Ordinance rezoning from CD-RM-26 (Conditional District-Residential-
Multifamily) and RM-18 (Residential-Multifamily) to CD-PDI (Conditional
District-Planning Unit Development Infill) for property located at the northwest
corner of Spring Garden Street and South Elam Avenue. (roll call vote)
(Attachment #12 (PL(Z)09-08) to Council members)

This will be the second time that Protest Petitions has been used since it was brought back to the City of Greensboro in over 37 years. The first case was withdrawn by the developer, CLICKHERE for that post. At the end of the post it was noted that Lindley Park Neighborhood Association was none too happy with the zoning case off of Spring Garden Street.


Jordan Green said...

This would seem to be a classic infill project, and I think it's interesting that many who favored restoring the protest petition emphasized preventing sprawl instead of infill. I'm not surprised by the opposition of homeowners in Lindley Park, but I think you can make an argument for high-density residential development on Spring Garden Street. It's a corridor with bike lanes in either direction that would connect the new apartments to campus, and several commercial nodes. As a resident of Westerwood, I see the same tensions between established residents and students, homeowners and renters. As a renter who is still somewhat young, I sometimes feel that established homeowners exercise inordinate political clout.

Jordan Green said...

I should add that it will be interesting to see if seven out of nine council members view the project as good infill development.

triadwatch said...

listening to the zoning case , this project can go either way. I am not a fan at all of having 3 story high developments next to single family residential. ALso you have the neighborhood a few years ago approve a overlay on this area in question and this was not a part of that overlay. If they want high density then go arcoss the street and do this project but the corner of spring and elam is a pretty busy intersection without this zoning case.

It will be interesting to see.