Sep 29, 2008

Friends of New Garden Thanks Citizens for Help in Wedding Planner

Thanks to the extraordinary effort of many residents in the area, we have succeeded in stalling the event center development on New Garden Road. With the blizzard of letters and EMails to the City Council, we were able to convince a majority of them that community objections were so strong that the had to vote against the proposal.

Faced with the inevitabliity of defeat, the developer came before the City Council last Tuesday and withdraw the proposal. However, this is not necessarily the end of it. They can come back to the Zoning Commission for a Supplementary Use Permit (SUP) to build the event center. Should they do so, we will have to once again martial our resources and show our government that we don't want to have such a development in our neighborhood.

Please keep an eye on New Garden Road and report any signs of development or zoning actions at the event center site, or elsewhere between Brassfield and Jefferson (the rest of the road is, alas, lost). You can contact us at, and check our website for updates at

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