Sep 15, 2008

City of Greensboro Thanks Delegation for 2008 Session, Let's See If They Do The Same In 2009 with Protest Petitions

It looks like the City of Greensboro will pass a resolution on 9-16-08 to thank the Guilford County Delegation to the North Carolina State House for the 2008 Legislative Session. Click the title above and go to item #25. Here is what the resolution states,"To recognize and express appreciation to the Guilford County Legislative Delegation for it's role in the 2008 Legislative Agenda".

Here is the kicker that will play out for all to see once the 2009 session begins on this quote in the City of Greensboro's Resolution for 2008. "WHERERAS, the delegation is to be commended for it's assistance in helping the city achieve the City Council's goals in the interest of it's citizens.

In regards to bringing back Protest Petitions to the citizens of Greensboro. Let's see if this statement above will ring true for the Greensboro City Council in 2009. Are they going to let the citizens have this North Carolina General Statute like every other city has the right to use. Or are they going to be on the side of the special interest which in this case is the TREBIC CARTEL.

In the next few months you will see the City of Greensboro start to work on their agenda and if bringing back Protest Petitions is not on that list of items for 2009, it will be a total injustice to the citizens of Greensboro for this not to happen.

I urge everyone to let your state and local politicians know that you want Protest Petitions back in Greensboro. There are a few races in the State House who need to know how you feel . Don Vaughan CLICKHERE and Joe Wilson CLICKHERE these 2 are going for N.C.Senate Seat 27. Also Maggie Jeffus CLICKHERE and Jim Rumley CLICKHERE are vying for House District 59.

It is also time to let your Greensboro City Council know that you want Protest Petitions back in the zoning process like every other city in this state. CLICKHERE to e-mail the whole Greensboro City Council.

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