Sep 16, 2008

Friends of New Garden Could in Future Need Protest Petition

On September 16, 2008 Derek Allen Attorney from Brooks Pierce Law Firm withdrew his rezoning case for property on 1807 and 1809 which was for a special event facility.

As reported before on this site CLICKHERE . There is a serious aspect of zoning cases that needs to be addressed for all of the citizens of Greensboro to know about. Every other city in this state abides by a North Carolina General Statute 160 a 385 and 386 which is called Protest Petitions. This blog is dedicated to informing the citizens of Greensboro on how they are getting screwed in zoning cases all over this city.

A great example was seeing the friends of new garden CLICKHERE fight this rezoning case. But I am sure that if you had the Protest Petition to use in this case as seen by how many neighbors were against this rezoning case . This case would have never been put on the docket to begin with.

It is time for neighborhoods all over Greensboro to get involved and e mail your Greensboro City Council to bring back Protest Petitions to Greensboro.


Anonymous said...

People need to consider if they will be the next to have their neighborhood as they like it destroyed by the developers and their cronies in city government. It is the old case of take the liberties away from one you have taken the liberties away from all. Unfortunately apathy reigns and so the criminals run amok. BB

triadwatch said...

bb, it is time more people in Greensboro stand up to the establishment , or I like to call them the TREBIC CARTEL