May 3, 2008

Rhino Times Open Letter to Mr. Hammer on Protest Petitions

The reason I post this e mail is because I have e mailed the Rhino Times 3 times with no correspondence , while I also went to their web site and did a letter to the editor about Protest Petitions to no avail. Maybe this might help with a correspondence.

Dear Mr. Hammer,
My name is Keith Brown, I am writing you today to see if I could get any time to talk about a issue that has risen to more than a whisper but to really get citizens talking about a blatant injustice to the citizens of Greensboro for the past 37 years. It happens to do with the right of citizens to have a Protest Petition in zoning cases. Jordan Green from Yes Weekly has written some great articles on this issue and also if you read March 2nd Lead Editorial in Greensboro News & Record Editorial page titled " The Right To Protest" and on page 3 of editorial it had answers to the question of the week about Protest Petition.I would love to have your paper do a piece on this issue. I started a blog on this , it can be reached by going to this page,

There are some great angles to this story that are playing out to see, especially if we can get a bill passed to make Greensboro comply with having Protest Petitions or is it going to be business as usual . To hear councilman Matheny say in editorial that Greensboro is "different" please explain to us how a North Carolina General Statute takes into account that Greensboro is different. It is not fair that every major city has to abide by Protest Petitions but Greensboro is exempt.If the Rhino would like to talk about this please let me know because I would love to get your angle on Protest Petitions and is it fair that Greensboro doesn't have to comply with a North Carolina General Statute.

I saw you at the Lobby the Legislator Meeting looking at the Drudge Report but also saw you write some notes. Do you plan on writing a article about that night?

As you saw at that meeting the TREBIC CARTEL was there to oppose bringing back Protest Petitions. It was laughable to hear Gary Rogers say that Greensboro had the foresight back in 1971 to exempt themselves from Protest Petitions. No Mr. Rogers, the City of Greensboro just screwed their citizens of a law that is there for a purpose . I know this purpose because we had to use the Protest Petitions not once but twice against Blue Ridge Companies in High Point go ask David Hampton or David Couch they can tell you all about Protest Petitions and Sutton Place.

It dissappoints me to see your paper keep your head in the sand on this issue. I have been a loyal reader for a long time back to the Laredo's Picture Page Days.

Thanks and have a great weekend.If you would like to talk to me please do and let me know when a good time to call you might be.A correspondence would be appreciated.

Keith T. Brown
High Point North Carolina

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