May 18, 2008

Billy The Blogging Poet says Yes to Protest Petitions

Billy the Blogging Poet chimes in on Protest Petitions for Greensboro. click here

In Favor Of Protest Petitions For Greensboro

I just wanted to let my readers know that in considering me for Mayor of Greensboro in 2009, I am 100% in favor of returning to Greensboro's citizens the right to Protest Petitions.

It is simply wrong that Greensboro citizens and taxpayers do not have the same legal rights as every other citizen in every other city and every town in North Carolina. Discrimination based on the city of one's place of residence is just as wrong as any other form of discrimination and as long as North Carolina continues to deny Greensboro citizens their equal rights Greensboro will continue to suffer.

Might I remind you that Councilman Robbie Perkins continues to be in favor of denying Greensboro citizens their equal rights and has said so publicly. As Perkins has already been picked by the powers that be to be Greensboro's next mayor I thought that is something you'd like to know.If you don't already understand what protest petitions are and how they apply to you I highly recommend you read the work of Keith Brown at Protest Petition In Greensboro.And while I've got your attention, please don't forget that Robbie Perkins, our current Mayor Johnson and former Mayor Bobblehead Melvin were among those behind the Dam Scam.
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