May 22, 2008

N.C. State Senator Phil Berger transcript on Protest Petition

Mark Binker from the Greensboro News and Record has the audio of this exchange on May 15, 2008 with North Carolina Senator Phil Berger, click here

Below is the transcript from that exchange:

Mark Binker:

You are pretty much the no don't run the Protest Petition.

Senator Phil Berger:

My reason is because we haven't heard from the Greensboro City Council and I have gotten e-mails from a number of people on both sides.

Some people say we ought to do it, some say we should not do it and the short session is as I understand with reference to local bills limited to non controversial matters.

I don't think anybody would say that this is non controversial.

There are people who support, and there are people who oppose it, but it is clearly controversial.

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