Mar 14, 2008

TREBIC gets slammed by Greensboro Citizen

Add another person to the list of citizens who have written to the Greensboro News and Record about Protest Petitions. On March 14, 2008 Sharon Kalbaugh wrote about TREBIC and one of the most absurd quotes ever said in response to bringing back Protest Petitions to Greensboro, clickhere

State should ignore group's petition advice,

As noted in your story, "Officials rethink development process" (March 11), clickhere Marlene Sanford suggests that the state should look at repealing protest petitions altogether. Why stop here?Perhaps Sanford and the Triad Real Estate and Building Coalition should lobby to repeal the entire First Amendment.It may be time to look to move to one of the "free" cities in North Carolina where no such petition restrictions exist. My house will be on the market listed "FOR SALE BY OWNER," no Realtors, please.

Sharon KalbaughGreensboro

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