Mar 10, 2008

Guilford Legislators Looking at Protest Petition Law in N & R

Mr. Mark Binker from the Greensboro News and Record who writes about the Capital Beat in Raleigh has written about how the legislators are looking at Protest Petition and to see where the local legislators stand on the issue and to see if it can be turned into law in the short session. To all those people who are for Greensboro having Protest Petition as a part of the zoning process, then this is one step in the right direction. Enclosed is a link to the online article.


eshuntley said...

It's time for Greensboro to get up into the 21st Century. We may still lag in other areas but the proest petition MUST be changed.


tarheez3 said...

Yes and i do see, a sea of change on Greensboro the part of citizens of Greensboro who are finally figuring out this exemption and how they need this as a part of the zoning process

tarheez3 said...

take first greensboro out on my statement above