Mar 22, 2008


This post is a strange one in that there was a letter to the editor posted in the Greensboro News and Record on March 22, 2008. I was trying to link this article but could not find it on their web site for me to link. So I will go ahead and put the letter to the editor here for everyone to see.

This letter to the editor is from Jim Rumley who is running against Maggie Jeffus for House seat 59. Note , parts of this editorial is not for me to endorse I just want everyone to know that there was another letter to the editor in the Greensboro News and Record.

NOTE: We’ve made a policy decision not to blog letters that promote or oppose the election of specific candidates. This is from editorial board of Greensboro News and Record.

Jim Rumley
Brown Summit
Note: Rumley is running against Jeffus

Title: Maggie Jeffus dawdling(to move lackadaisically) on

It was 37 years ago that the Democrats from Greensboro took away the citizens right to protest the unfair actions of the City Council on zoning. Now it may be revisited by the current legislature.

It's never surprising that Maggie Jeffus has nothing to say about this or other potential legislation to return to Greensboro the right of Protest Petitions. She is the do nothing legislator till it's already in the works. Then she will join the crowd.

Already half the legislative delegation is poised to introduce the legislation to return the right of citizens in Greensboro to protest actions that they feel are not in their best interest. So my quess is that in a day or two, she will finally speak up and say she was for it, too.

Don't the citizens of Greensboro deserve someone who is proactive to their needs and not reactive? Greensboro needs someone who knows the business and family needs in Greensboro. We need to have real change in the N.C. House of Representatives. We need to let the current legislators stay home come election time.

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