May 17, 2012

Protest Petition Used in Kernersville Against Land Where Guilford County Schools Want a New High School

HAT TIP RHINO TIMES with this post in regards to a rezoning case in Kernersville . The article is titled "Schools Rebuked By Kernersville" written by Paul Clark CLICKHERE
In the article was this

"Colfax resident Garland Stack, whose property adjoins the TDO land, organized a protest petition against the rezoning request. Hatling said that 23 of 29 qualifying property owners, or 79 percent, signed the protest petition – far more than needed for the petition to succeed. Stack said he isn't even done getting signatures.

A successful protest petition requires a three-quarters supermajority of the Kernersville Board of Aldermen to approve the rezoning request when the aldermen consider the Planning Board's recommendation. There are five aldermen, so four aldermen would have to vote in favor of the rezoning request"

Nice to see our neighbors to the west of us the Protest Petition in rezoning cases.  


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