May 9, 2009

Nancy Vaughan Was None Too Happy With The Waffling of Greensboro City Council on Protest PEtition

My good friend Erik Huey over at his own blog called Greensboro Metro CLICKHERE had a post titled "City Council Candidate Nancy Vaughan: Someone To Watch"

The idea bringing back Protest Petition to the citizens of Greensboro started well back in February of 2008 and to see the inaction of the whole Greensboro City Council in regards to this issue was pathetic to experience.

Now we see that Nancy Barakat Vaughan was none too pleased with the Greensboro City Council as well. Here is what she said over at the Greensboro Metro blog,

"In an interview with GSOMetro, Vaughan said for these reasons and more (along with the blessing of her family), she had to begin prepping to get back in. She said the waffling on "protest petitions" were the catalyst of her itching to run again."

To hear a candidate say that the Greensboro City Council was waffling on bringing back Protest Petitions for the citizens was a great to hear.

Everybody and their mother knew that if this issue dragged on in to the fall without a bill getting passed at the state level that it would have been a real wedge issue for the incumbents to say to their citizens why they are denying them the rights that every other citizen who lives in a municipality has.

There is more to the post on some of the issues Nancy Barakat Vaughan talked with Erik Huey about CLICKHERE and it was great to see a candidate talk about the issue of Protest PEtitions for the citizens of Greensboro.

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