Apr 21, 2008

Coalition of Concerned Citizens Speaks to Guilford County Legislators

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens spoke to the Guilford County Delegation from the great State of North Carolina on Monday night 4-21-2008.

Many issues were brought up from ethics on the local level, eniment domain, annexation and surprise surprise PROTEST PETITION'S in GREENSBORO.

It was great to hear the citizens of Greensboro speak out at this meeting from Willie Taylor to Jack Masarie to Bob Kinard to Linda Wilkinson to Harry & Pat Clapp to Claire Homes. I hope they got the message that 37 years of exemption is enough and it is time that Greensboro abides by North Carolina General Statute 160a-385 and 386 in regards to PROTEST PETITIONS.

The North Carolina Guilford delegation in attendence were as follows:
Rep. Alma Adams, Rep. John Blust, Rep. Laura Wiley, Rep. Maggie Jeffus, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Sen. Phil Berger, Sen. Katie Dorsett and Rep. Earl Jones

Absent were : Sen. Kay Hagan but Steven from her office was there, Sen. Stan Bingham.

It was also interesting to see Lee Porter and Gary Rogers from the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition otherwise known as the TREBIC CARTEL try to make their point that they oppose bringing back PROTEST PETITIONS to Greensboro.

It is funny to see that the TREBIC CARTEL'S members are also from other parts of Guilford County like let's say High Point but guess what High Point abides by PROTEST PETITIONS.

For the TREBIC CARTEL chairman Gary Rogers to say that back in 1971 Greensboro had a lot of foresight into exempting themselves from Protest Petitions was laughable. Add to that laughable statement from Marlene Sanford President of the TREBIC CARTEL who said she wants the state to look at repealing PROTEST PETITIONS altogether rather than returning the power to Greensboro citizens. Good luck in trying to get that passed.

This issue is not going away anytime soon. It is really tough to get laws passed in the short session of 2008 General Assembly. But believe me in saying that in the long session in 2009 if a bill hasn't been passed by then , I would say the issue of Protest Petitions for the citizens of Greensboro will be front and center. Just like it was tonight at the meeting.

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tarheez3 said...

A person by the name of watchdog had a great write up on protest petitions on the Greensboro News and Record Debatables section.

It says "The right of a Protest Petition by the connecting land owners is justified,it is a tool that can be used to even the playing field and provide checks and balances to land owners whose property connects or is adjacent to the area involved.

Often the developers control the outcome, often the foxes are ruling the hen houses and the people have to waive their rights, because of this diregard of rights. This is a basic right in the N.C. Constitution and should have never been abused and denied the people. "

This is a great quote by watchdog . I could not have said it better.