Jul 19, 2013

Finally a Local News Station with a Report on Protest Petition WXII 12 , Where is Fox 8 and News 2

Had a blog post the other day in regards to where was our local media in reporting to the citizens in the Triad to the repeal of Protest Petition by a bunch of crony capitalist who want to reduce the bargaining power of neighborhoods in regards to rezoning cases all over this state.

Well now we have WXII Channel 12 in Bill O'Neill

who came by to interview me in regards to this issue since me and a big group of citizens in Greensboro fought very hard to get this back to the citizens of Greensboro to see them totally want to repeal the whole statute from the laws 4 years later.

Here is the video and post titled BILL WOULD ELIMINATE PROTEST PETITION

Thanks for the interview and to talk about this issue and as we speak this bill has been referred back to the rules committee in N.C Senate and hopefully it will stay there and not get out to vote on this bill before the end of session.

I can still hear birds chirping at Fox 8 and News 2 where are you?

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