Feb 16, 2010

Add Another Protest Petition To The City Of Greensboro, then Continued Again

Ordinance rezoning classification from RS-9 (Residential - Single Family) to CD-GO-M (Conditional District - General Office - Moderate Intensity) for property located at 2404 Liberty Road, generally described as the west side of Liberty Road, east of J.M. Hunt, Jr. Expressway and south of Alamance Church Road. (Council District: 1) (roll call vote) (Attachment #14 (PL(Z)10-02) to Councilmembers

This rezoning case  received a valid protest petition . It looks like the applicant wants to continue this case till March 16th 2010 without further advertisement.The applicant did what they always do and continued the rezoning case at the last minute. This move to continue the rezoning case at the last minute needs to get a complete overhaul. To have people take their time and effort to come down to the city council's then have the applicant want a continuance at the last minute is unacceptable. But as we have seen from these local developers this is their modus operandi on doing this move in the zoning process.