Aug 29, 2008

New Garden Road Neighborhoods Could Use Protest Petition

There is a rezoning case coming before the Greensboro City Council on September 16, 2008 where the use of a Protest Petition should have been allowed by these citizens of Greensboro. But as we know from this blog that the exemption of Greensboro from North Carolina General Statute 160a-385 and 386 is in need of a overhaul and let's get a bill passed to make Greensboro comply.

A new neighborhood organization was formed to fight this rezoning case CLICKHERE , it is time to make a stance to the Greensboro City Council and to say to them it is a total injustice to the citizens of Greensboro that they don't have the right to use a Protest Petition in the zoning process. This case is a great example of this, plus to see the total destruction of garden lake road and new garden road and the creeping in to that neighborhood from a controversial rezoning case. BRING BACK PROTEST PETITIONS TO GREENSBORO.

Stop the Rezoning of New Garden Road
Tuesday, September 16
5:30 (get there early for a seat)

Please join us at the City Council Chambers, Melvin Municipal Building , to protest the rezoning of 1807 and 1809 New Garden Road from residential to commercial zoning.
The owner wants to build an events center in our residential neighborhood, bringing great noise, more traffic and a huge building and parking lot in a residential neighborhood.
For more information or to sign the letter of protest:


Anonymous said...

Have you gotten in touch with these people and explained to them what they don't have because of the shenanigans of the elitist of Greensboro/Guilford? These may be you staunches allies in getting this thru the legislature. BB

triadwatch said...

bb, yes I have talked with them about their issue with this rezoning case and to ask for their help in the future in regards to Protest Petitions in Greensboro.

As you know, neighborhoods are 100% behind the push to get back Protest Petitions in learning how it works and knowing that it would have helped them out in their zoning case. Friends of New Garden and the Garden Lake area off of New Garden have seen the over development up close and personal in regards to New Garden Road.

This issue will get very interesting once we get closer to 2009,thanks for posting and we will see what happens on Sept. 16th as to the zoning case on New GArden Road.